Viparspectra 300W V300 LED Grow Light Review

The Viparspectra is among the top-selling indoor LED grow lights currently on the market. This is such a popular grow light that we thought we would review it to see what all the fuss is about.


This grow light measures 12.6 inches long by 7.9 inches wide by 3 inches deep and weighs 5.6 pounds. It comes with a six-foot power cord and a hanging kit, as well as a 3-year warranty. The panel contains 60 LED bulbs which have a lifespan of between 50,000 and 100,000 hours and runs on AC between 100V and 240V.



The first thing to note is that the coverage is small – three square feet for vegetative growth and two square feet for flowering. If you are a beginner grower, or are just growing one or two plants, then this light is perfect. If you are looking to grow more plants though, you can link up more than one of these grow lights in a daisy chain to cover larger areas without spending too much.


The Viparspectra was designed to replace a 250/300W HPS/HID grow light, but because LEDs are more energy efficient, it only needs 136W to produce the same light output. Its 5W LED bulbs come from well-known manufacturers such as Epiled and Bridgelux, and these bulbs are mounted at a 90-degree angle to the panel so the light is aimed straight down onto your plants. All this means that you are getting the best quality light with little waste, but requiring less energy to do so, saving you on your bills and helping the environment too.


Light Spectrum and Intensity

The Viparspectra 300W grow light provides your plants with full spectrum light, including some ultraviolet and infrared. Since humans can’t see these light wavelengths, the bulbs that produce them might appear dull to our eyes, but don’t worry, they still work fine.

Another important part of this grow light is its PAR value. This is the intensity of the light it emits, which is what enables it to penetrate the canopy and make sure all of your plants’ leaves are getting the light they need.

When the Viparspectra is positioned two feet about the canopy, it emits a PAR value of 300(µmol m-2s-1) in the centre, which decreases to 62(µmol m-2s-1) at the perimeter of an area of two square feet. As the light reaches further and further out its rays become less and less powerful, so it is important to the only plant within the area of two square feet if you want your plants to flourish.



The Viparspectra 300W LED grow light is a high quality and highly affordable grow light. It is perfect for those with a small grow space for one or two marijuana plants and would make a great first grow light for those just starting out. If you find that you want to then increase your grow space to make room for more plants, you always have the option of buying another light and daisy chaining them together. If you have a little more cash to spend, you could get the dimmable model (the Viparspectra DS300) which gives you the option of dimming or brightening your grow light instead of having to adjust its height.