Viparspectra 600PAR 600W 12-band Review

Viparspectra grow lights are renowned for their high quality among marijuana growers. Viparspectra products are manufactured in China by a company called Shenzhen Bailuo Technology Co., Ltd. They aren’t scientists, but they do know what they’re doing when it comes to making LED grow lights! Read on to find out what makes the 600PAR 600W LED grow light so special.


The Viparspectra 600W LED grow light measures 14.1 inches long by 11.8 inches wide by 3.5 inches deep and weighs 13.7 pounds. The panel contains 120 5W LED bulbs in total (including some ultraviolet and infrared bulbs), which have a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

These LED bulbs are made by Bridgelux and Epiled, two well know, high quality LED manufacturers, and are mounted on the panel at a 90-degree angle to shine the light straight down at the plants. There is also a new secondary optical lens design which doubles light penetration through the canopy.

The panel has three built-in, quiet cooling fans with side vents through which the warm air can escape. It also has aluminium heat sinks on the bottom of the LED panels to further aid heat dissipation.

This grow light comes with an easy to assemble a hanging kit, as well as a 6-foot long power cord that can use electricity of between 100V and 240V. This light cannot and should not be daisy chained for safety reasons, but it is compatible with electric timers.

Power Output and Consumption

The Viparspectra 600W grow light is designed to replace any 600W HID or HPS grow light, and it does so at a cheaper cost, as it actually only uses about 285W of power. It has a great PAR value too – when hung 2 feet above the canopy, the PAR is 680 in the centre, averaging a PAR of 423 over a one-foot area. The overall coverage, when hung at this height, is 4 square feet for plants in the vegetative stage, and 3 square feet for flowering plants, with the lowest PAR value being 34 at the periphery.

Growers generally consider a light with a PAR of 600 to be a good strength for growing cannabis, so the Viparspectra 600PAR 600W is definitely bright enough for a small sized grow space. Many growers have reported success whilst using this grow light, and if you aren’t satisfied for whatever reason, Viparspectra offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, as well as a 3-year warranty.

Light Spectrum and Switches

This LED grow light comes with three separate switches that control the type of light being emitted at any one time. The three switches control white, blue and red light. Flicking all three switches on at once may be too much for young plants or seedlings, so you can just use white or white and blue light for these plants. Once they hit the vegetative stage, stick to white and blue, and of course, add the red light for flowering.

There are even a couple of infrared and ultraviolet LED bulbs thrown in for good measure. These light wavelengths don’t directly help with growth, but infrared can help speed up growth and ultraviolet light helps maximize trichome production, which in turn helps produce larger yields and bigger buds.

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This light has it all. Durable and long-lasting, with all the light wavelengths your marijuana needs to grow big buds. The cooling fans and heat sinks are quiet and effective, and the energy efficiency will save you so much on utility bills that within a few years the light will have practically paid for itself.

If you are a home grower with a small to medium setup, then this light would make the perfect grow light for your cannabis plants. Happy growing!