Best Bud Trimmer Machines- 2018 reviews

Three months can be a long time to wait for someone who is very anxious to harvest his crop. And for marijuana plant growers, it is best to contain one’s excitement so as not to harm the remaining baby buds along the process. Trimming them can be a challenge unless you have a good pair of shears. Better prepare two of these tools in case one of them breaks. Asking a friend to help with the harvest will make it not just a less stressful event but makes it fun at the same time.

Below are some of the best trimming machines:



DL 16” Open Top Hand Trimmer (wholesale)

When it comes to bowl trimmers, the robust one can work to your advantage. And this stainless steel was designed for this very purpose. And don’t worry; your investment will be covered by its one-year warranty. And expect this tool to be very useful for many years of use.

CenturionPro Mini

If you are running a large-scale marijuana growing business, you can’t do manual harvest all by yourself. Buy a powerful trimmer and allow today’s modern technology to serve its purpose well, which is to make things easier for you. CenturionPro Mini can take care of the wet and dry trimming for you. Just make sure that you choose the right tumbler.


  • Compact
  • 6-8 pounds buds processing every hour.
  • With dust collection system
  • Can be pulled apart and washed with ease.
  • With 5 years warranty.

Tom’s Tumbler Trimmer TTT 1600

If you need to cut 1 pound of buds every 7 minutes cycle then you will need this portable table top dry trimmer. However, only 10%-15% touch-up work must be done, according to the strain that you are working on.

Terminator Wet Industrial System

Bigger harvests need a bigger machine. Hence, for a large-scale commercial grows, you will need a trimmer designed to do the heavy work for you. A 200 lbs.’ wet buds can be trimmed by this machine.


  • Sharp and accurate blade reel. Cutting width is as close as a human hair.
  • Straightforward touch-ups.
  • With resin-repelling that prevents the trimmers from jamming.
  • With automatic cleaning system.
  • With atomized water that coats the drum. Hence, there’s no need of worrying about the resin sticking.
  • Manufactured using military grade materials.
  • Pressure washing is allowed.
  • With 2 year warranty.


Handy Tools for Trimming by Hand


Green ThumbPro Hydroponic

This comes with 2 packs of a curved and straight blade. It is used as pruner shears and flower leaf trimmer. It is very comfortable to use. Its tip blade is 2 inches long, enabling you to make precise cuts. And don’t worry since these tools are safe with its “lock shut” feature. Hence, you can even slip them inside your pocket securely.

Best Bud Trimming Machines

There are so many bud trimming machines these days and choosing the best one can be tricky. Obviously, you give value to your hard work and you wouldn’t destroy what you have started with just a bud trimmer.

So, we did the research so we can narrow down the best selections of bud trimming machines and make it easier for you to take your pick.

Clean Cut Leaf Trimmer (M-6000S)

This is a 16” clear top hydroponic system. It is useful in cutting buds and trimming Leafs, making it perfect for your marijuana garden. Just choose among its green, black and blue color selections in case aesthetics is equally important to you. However, the machine’s functionality matters most.

Trimming by hand can be very time-consuming. But with Clean Cut Leaf Trimmer, the same task will be done in just a quarter of time.

The machine comes with 16 inches diameter bowl.  Hence, trimming a plant can be done all at once. It is also equipped with a serrated blade and razor blade. When working with wet buds, use a razor blade. But if the buds are dry, the serrated blade will be best to use. Both of these blades are adjustable, depending on how you want them to cut.

The trimmer is also designed with silicone fingers to keep the nugs free of odor or flavor. Its transparent dome allows you to see it working while you crank the handle. This type of trimmer can also be cleaned with ease. Just don’t forget to use alcohol to get rid of the sticky feel after you use it for trimming buds.

Spin-Pro Manual Operating Leaf Trimmer

This is a bowl trimmer that is devoid of a transparent lid. To move its fingers and blades, simply crank its handles and it will cut off excess leaves. Its parts are dishwasher safe so there’s no need to exert more effort when cleaning after use.

G-LEAF Leaf  Bowl Trimmer

This is an ideal tool for leaf trimming and hydroponic spin cut, perfect for flowers and plants! This works just like the Clean Cut. Spinning fingers and blades can be initiated by cranking its handle. For dry weed, use a serrated blade. For wet weeds, the straight razor blade works better. The swapping blade can be done easily, just be careful when handling the blades since they are very sharp.

G-Leaf has a transparent top. This gives you the advantage of watching how it works. After working on a batch, simply pull the bowl apart to reveal the nugs ready for you. Some of G-Leaf user, however, complained that it does not create precise trimming on their marijuana plants.

The Magic Trimmer

This handheld machine is electrically operated, automatic and considered by many as a precise bud or leaf trimmer. If you don’t like hand-cracking a bowl trimmer then this powerful tool can be all that you need. Just hold it and it will manicure buds efficiently for you in just a fraction of the time. This is easy to manage with a light weight of only 2.5 pounds. There are 3 replacement blades included in its package too.  The downside is the absence of a debris catcher. This means using Magic Trimmer will always be messy. However, this is a valuable tool when processing large crops. In fact, a lot of pros use this because of its powerful trimmer feature.


This is an original, leaf and bud trimmer. This is a bit expensive and is only practical to buy if you have a lot of trimmings to be done due to regular harvests.

To use this, simply move the plant to the grate. Trimpo will then suction the leaves downwards. Under the grate is the spinning blade. Allow the blades to do all the trimming works for you.  After trimming, dry the buds and grab the next batch for trimming.

With Trimpo, the leaves drop in the large sack under the machine, making Trimpro a cleaner option than the handheld trimmer. And by the way, don’t throw the leaves since they can be used as ingredients for brownies.

Wet Trimming vs. Dry Trimming: What’s the Best Between the Two?

It can be very messy to trim wet buds manually. The use of a machine is still an easier option. And wet trimming often ends up with prettier buds. It can be hard to trim dry buds since they tend to curl up.

You can also dry your cannabis first, especially when you happen to be in areas with low humidity or dry. Gradual drying of weeds with leaves attached is a good thing. Trimming the weed first will cause the drying process to speed up and this will compromise the weed’s quality.

Needed Equipment


  • Gloves

You need to use gloves, even if you do the trimming with the aid of monster machines like Trimpo. The gloves will protect your skin from resin and it will serve as protection to the buds too. Just make sure that your gloves perfectly fit your hands, especially when using Trimpro or shears. Again, safety must always be your highest concern.

  • Place for drying

You will need a place to dry the buds. You can use non-stick cookie sheets, mesh rack or clothesline.

Don’t throw the leftovers since they can still be useful. These are the hash that stuck on the shears, the trimmed off leaves and the resin on the gloves. These can still be used as edibles or for smoking.

Getting ready for harvest

It helps to consider taking a refresher course for growers while waiting for the harvest time. There are quick courses offered these days that wouldn’t consume much of your time. And do come back to this site soon to check for new reviews. *