Cannabis Growing: Best Grow Tents for 2017 Product Reviews and Guides

It can be very daunting to grow weeds indoor. There are a lot of things that you need to do and this includes regulating the room temperature and controlling the amount of light. And once the plant matures, you need to address the strong odor that it puts off too. That is why, indoor planting is best done by using a grow tent.

Best Grow Tents


Apollo Horticulture  – Mylar Hydroponic

Size: 48”x48”x80”

Apollo Horticulture – Mylar Hydroponic

Size: 36”x36”x72”

Gorilla LTGGT22

Size:  2′ x 2.5′ x 5’7″

Gorilla LITE

Size: 2′ x 2.5′

Gorilla LITE

Size: 4′ x 4′


Size: 2′ x 4′

Gorilla Grow Tent (GGT59)

Size: 5 by 9 by 6-Feet/11-Inch

iPower GLTENTXS1 Mylar Hydroponic

Size: 48 by 32 by 60-Inch

VIVOSUN Horticulture Mylar Hydroponic

Size: 60″x60″x80″

Worm’s Way Kit

Size: 4′ x 4′


The purpose of grow tents is to create a perfect environment to grow crops. Hence, growing cannabis indoor will be easy with the help of this tool. These types of tents are designed to maximize the growth of the plant. For example, it has reflective walls so that the plants will get the amount of light they need when the lights are on. And when these lights are turned off, the weeds can rest as darkness covers the entire grow area.

The environment can be kept warm with the help of the grow tent, regardless if the plant is planted on your garage or basement. There are also tents with built-in ventilations system to prevent the build-up of heat coming from the lights. With good ventilations, your neighbors won’t sniff the weeds that you are about to harvest indoor.

Grow tents are definitely expensive, especially for an initial investment. However, it will pay for itself after its years of use. Hence, it will turn out to be a practical choice if you grow cannabis indoors. The only disadvantage is outgrowing the tent in the future. That is why it would be best to purchase a bigger tent than what is presently needed. After all, your crop will soon grow in numbers and a bigger room will be needed when that time comes.

Tiny Grow Tents Without Accessories

This is ideal when placed in a corner of a room or inside a closet. But take note that these types have no ventilation and devoid of lights. But because you bought them as plain tents, you have more room to customize them according to your preference. You can grow 1-2 plants at a time but when you are growing small strains, it can fit even 4.

1. Gorilla Grow Tent (LTGGT22)

This measures 2 x 2.5 x 5’7”. It was built to last for many years of use and known to be very durable.  Its height is adjustable from 5 foot seven inches to six-foot inches tall. However, the extension pole must be bought separately.

Gorilla Grow Tent is superb in its design. It has interlocking frame poles supporting its structure. The materials used are rust free and made of metal. It has 1680D canvass covering its exterior with reflective Mylar in its interior lining. It comes with zippered window and door where you can take a peep to check the growing weeds. The door allows you complete access to the interior of the tent. And don’t worry; this product is made of huge and sturdy zippers meant for robust use.

On the side of the tent, you will see 2 ducting holes. When not in use, you can simply cinch them to keep them closed. And an additional small mesh bag is added to its wall where you can keep your hygrometer and other necessary tools. Hence, you can have direct access to them when needed.

This tent is ideal for growing short Indica strains. However, you can extend its height by purchasing extension poles. Once your plant reaches its flowering stage, you will need to add powerful LED panel and set it at a foot to a foot distance with one-half clearance over your plants.

2. Apollo Horticulture

This is a 36” x36”x72” sized Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent designed for indoor planting. Though bigger than the first few tents mentioned, this is still a short grow tent that is not meant for taller Sativa. Still, this is an ideal shelter for shorter Indica strains.

It resembles Gorilla Grow Tent in its interlocking metal poles design. Its structure is sturdy enough to serve as the tent’s support. It can even carry the light’s weight too. It has reflective Mylar interiors which reflect the lamp’s light so it can cover the entire growing weeds. Days can appear night inside the tent through its double stitched thick fabric which blocks the daylight and prevent light leaks. However, designers forgot to add flaps to its heavy duty zippers, making it hard to completely block the light.

On the other hand, its large front door provides easy access to the tent’s interior. Two windows are added on each side too. Other features include mesh panels on the tent’s bottom, serving as its ventilation. It has round openings which also allow air to flow through. This is where the cord is inserted too.

Cleaning the tent’s interiors and exteriors can be done with ease with its Mylar floor tray. Installation can be done in a breeze with its easy to understand guide. In fact, you don’t need tools to install the tent. This product is offered with 90 days warranty.

Tiny Grow Tents with Accessories (Complete Kits)


If you opt for a complete setup, better match up components. You can check out these 2 tiny grow tent that comes with ventilation, light and some needed accessories.

1.    Gorilla Grow Tent (LED Combo Package # 2) with 2′ x 2.5′ Size

This kit is a combination of the top selling LED light plus an excellent grow tent. Check out its GGTLT22 tent plus all the goodies necessary to make marijuana growing not just possible but easy as well.

The kit includes:

  • LED K3 450 Watt Light

It is a full spectrum grow light that is ideal for a small tent. It only requires 270 watts employing 700 mAh current. This can help you save in your electric consumption as you grow the weed.

  • Timer

It also comes with a timer to ensure that a healthy schedule is maintained.

  • In-line Duct Fan

Along with the kit is an in-line duct fan. This has an adjustable speed which includes ducting. It filters odors too. However, take note that carbon filter is not included in the package.

  • Hygro-thermometer

Hygro-thermometer is helpful in showing the humidity and temperature inside the tent as well as in the soil.

  • Small clip on fan

A small clip-on fan is also provided in case it gets a little too hot inside the tent. But this will unlikely happen if you are using LED light.

2.     Gorilla Grow Tent (LED Combo Package) #1 with 2′ x 4′ Size

If tiny tents won’t suffice, Gorilla Grow Tent can provide a bigger area. It has 2 feet by 4 feet area. Aside from the accessories included in its smaller counterpart, it also includes an in-line duct air system and a carbon filter.


Medium Grow Tents (Accessories Not Included)

Perhaps you prefer for a bigger tent. Sometimes, it can be wise to start with a bigger space where you can grow your personally picked selections. In that case, you can use this medium sized grow tent which you can buy as a plain tent (no accessories included). But this can accommodate greater numbers of plants (around 4-6 of them). Still, the numbers will depend on the strain.

1.    Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent- Mylar Hydroponic

This is 48”x48”x80” in size, which is 4 feet by 4 feet and more than 6.5 feet in height. Hence, you can’t set this inside your closet. The grow light will be supported by its interlocking metal poles frame. If you look at the tent’s interior, you will notice that it is lined with reflective Mylar. Such feature will deliver light rays to your plants in all areas possible. Light leaks are also minimized by its double stitched fabric. However, no flaps are attached to its heavy duty zippers so expect that the light from the outside won’t be completely blocked.

Meanwhile, access to the tents indoor is provided through its large front door. Two windows can also be found on each of its sides. On the bottom, mesh panels are provided which serves as the tent’s ventilation system. Air is also piped in and out through its round openings, which serves as the entry for the power cords as well.

The Mylar tray is removable so there should be no issues when it comes to cleaning. It can be installed even without tools, just refer to its user’s manual. Lastly, it has 90 days warranty so your investment is protected for sure.

2.     iPower GLTENTXS1 – Mylar Hydroponic Tent

This is ideal for indoor seedling plant growing. It comes with metal push lock corners and measures 48x32x60 inches. This is built with waterproof feature and with a Mylar Floor Tray that can be removed.

This tops the rank among online grow tent products, which is backed up by its 5-star customer ratings with more than 500 reviews from its users. Though it may appear similar to the other tents included in our review, this type of tent indeed outdo others in the following aspects:

  • Type of material used

Others use canvass but iPower GLTENTXS1 is built using a 3 ply vinyl. It is heavy duty and is 5 mm in thickness.

  • Carefully Made

If you look closer at the tent, you will notice that extra care is given when this was manufactured. Example, the duct ports outspread in its interior, showing a tight and nice fit. Also, the entire ventilation panels of the tent are designed with zippered flaps.

Medium Grow Tents with Accessories and Lights


1.     Gorilla Grow Tent – LED Combo Package # 1

If you want to save yourself from all the trouble of installing a grow tent then you need to know that your choice of a tent will really matter. People from Gorilla Grow Tent know that the installation part can be hard but they have successfully developed a product that allows you to finish the installation in a breeze.

At first glance, you will think that this tent is too costly. But wait ‘till you see how much its LED panel actually costs in the market and you will know that you are just about to make a good steal.

So, why choose this tent amongst others? First, it’s because it’s easy to assemble, thanks to its metal tubular frame. Its inline duct fan is equipped with ducting and active carbon filter together with a hygrothermometer and fan speed adjuster. A clip on fan and a timer is also included in the kit. If you want to lower the level of your light, you can make use of the rope ratchet included in the package. This is helpful when lighting the seedlings. And can easily raise the rope as the seed grows to a taller plant.

Gorilla grow tent comes with a KIND LED light which is 7750-wattfull spectrum panel. It can be used at any stage on the plant’s growth, regardless if it is during the sprouting phase, vegetation stage or flowering time. The light can illuminate 6 square feet of area which is just perfect for the size of this tent.

LED lights are always more preferable since they have less electricity consumption with cool operation. Hence, they are best for growing plants indoor. However, you have the option to use the traditional HID lights if you want to. If you love the latter option then the next kit to be discussed will be best for you.

2.     Worm’s Way Grow Tent Kit

This is a 4×4 tent which is built with a practical set-up. All you need to secure are the soil, seeds, electricity and water and you are ready to go. It’s durable fabric material as well as reflective interior makes it perfect for indoor planting.

When using this tent, you will need a 600 watt high pressure HID light package that comes with digital ballast. This is part of the package. Its timer (included in the package) helps in your day and night stimulation. This is also helpful when you increase the daylight hours to sustain the plant’s needs for light when flowering has started. Other accessories included with this package are hygrometer, thermometer, fan, nutrients and ducting equipped with inline charcoal filter to solve odor issues.

If you are new in marijuana growing, this kit is best for you. Since everything is provided, you need not waste your time researching the needed equipment to buy. With parts needs assembly, you have the option to replace any of them if needed to be changed in the future.

This kit is a practical choice. If you sum up all their price of the whole kit, you will know that their total price is still less expensive than buying LED light panels sold without accessories.

Large Grow Tents

If cannabis panting is meant fort a big time business then you would need a big grow tent. If you intend to produce the weeds for many people, you will need a space that is bigger than half of your garage. Below are the top selling grow tents:

1. VIVOSUN Horticulture – Mylar Grow Tent

The tent measures 60x60x80 and is equipped with floor tray and observation window, perfect for indoor plant growing.  With this tent, you can hang lights above the full grown plants. This tent can also cover 12 plants at a time. The tent is sold with 2 years warranty.

The tent is designed with dark fabric on its exteriors while lined with reflective material on its interior walls. What make this type of tent better than others is its excellent zippers. The tent is intended for robust use, hence the need to keep its zipper durable. It has the capacity to hold light panels, thanks to its sturdy support beams and removable floor tray.

2. Gorilla Grow Tent (GGT59)

This measures 5x9x6 feet/ 11 inches. This has greater length than a queen sized bed.  As expected, it is made of 1680D tick fabric with reflective Mylar lining. Included in the kit are 12 inch height extension kit as well as the infrared blocking roof insert.

Cheap plastics have no area on this tent. In fact, a double cinching ducting ports as well as bug resistant pre-filters was used in the manufacture of this product. You can check the plants through its zippered windows but if you need access to the tent’s interior, you can pass through its large zippered door.

Also, the tent has a floor pool floor. Hence, it can hold water from a spill.

Large grow Tents Equipped with Accessories and Light

When it comes to growing components, we are very picky in our choice. And as of writing, we haven’t found large row tents with top notch accessory assortments. Maybe, this can be because sellers assume that once you reach to a point when you are growing big in this industry, you already have the idea what you will need. But if you are still an amateur grower, we will be happy to walk you through the marijuana growing process.

Knowing more on how to grow weeds

You can expand your knowledge about Marijuana growing by checking our Growing Marijuana Plant: Beginner’s Guide. First harvest can be possible in just 12 weeks so follow the guide we provided accordingly.

Shopping for Accessories and Lights

We have included product reviews on LED lights as well.  We narrowed down the top selling LED lights to make it easier for you to choose. On the same page, you will know what type of soil to use and the nutrients needed for the plant to have a healthy grow.

Choosing the appropriate grow tent

If you are a small grower, you may be tending 2 plants at a time. Hence, a 2×2 feet may be enough for you. Though the tent may look spacious when they are still seedlings, the entire space will be filled once the plants have grown. Meanwhile, a 4×4 foot tent can accommodate 4 mature plants.  For seedlings, the same size of tent can pack 16 of them. For those planning to grow more than 4 mature plants in the days to come, your tent must be at least 5×5 foot in size.

Issues on legality

The law on planting cannabis can vary from one area to another. Hence, when it comes to the legality of planting this weed, the answer depends in where exactly do you live? It also matters if you are using the plant for medical purpose or for some other reasons.

As of writing, below are the lists of states that allow marijuana growing as long as it is for personal use:

  1. Alaska

Must only row maximum of 6 plants and must not have more than half flowering at one time.

  1. Oregon

Total plants per home is only limited to 4.

  1. Colorado

Must only row maximum of 6 plants and must not have more than half flowering at one time.

  1. Washington D.C.

12 total plants per home are allowed, maximum of 6 plants per person and must not have more than half flowering at one time.

Marijuana cultivation is allowed only for medicinal use:

  • Minnesota
  • Arizona

The rules on the quantity of use and other conditions will depend on the state where you belong.

Important Reminders

Always remember to always stay safe and grow marijuana plant only when it is legit. We hope that it will be legalized completely in the future. But for now, simply practice your horticulture skills. Such skills may open portals of opportunities to you in the years to come.