Viparspectra 300W V300 LED Grow Light Review

The Viparspectra is among the top-selling indoor LED grow lights currently on the market. This is such a popular grow light that we thought we would review it to see what all the fuss is about.

Their products have 3 series line which is most famous among indoor growers – PAR, Reflector and Dimmable.

That probably would be best money spender in LED low-end entry-level segment. It’s easy to use, optimal for small setup like two weed plants. Even mid-level plant growers should try this thing and I assume they will not be disappointed. Basically, ViparSpectra 300W best bang for your dollar in under one hundred-dollar LED grow light segment.


This Grow light measures 12.6 inches long by 7.9 inches wide by 3 inches deep and weighs 5.6 pounds. It comes with a six-foot power cord and a hanging kit, as well as a 3-year warranty. The panel contains 60 LED bulbs which have a lifespan of between 50,000 and 100,000 hours and runs on AC between 100V and 240V.

It has 12 bands full spectrum.

Power electricity specification – 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz.

Its main selling goal to change old style 250W HPS

The back panel hasa daisy chain input socket, ON/OFF switch and power adapter socket. Everything looks done with quality in mind. It seems parts used as manufacturer origin as well as some third-party providers too.


The first thing to note is that the coverage is small – three square feet for vegetative growth and two square feet for flowering. If you are a beginner grower or are just growing one or two plants, then this light is perfect. If you are looking to grow more plants though, you can link up more than one of these grow lights in a daisy chain to cover larger areas without spending too much.


The Viparspectra was designed to replace a 250/300W HPS/HID grow light, but because LEDs are more energy efficient, it only needs 136W to produce the same light output. Its 5W LED bulbs come from well-known manufacturers such as Epiled and Bridgelux, and these bulbs are mounted at a 90-degree angle to the panel so the light is aimed straight down onto your plants. All this means that you are getting the best quality light with little waste, but requiring less energy to do so, saving you on your bills and helping the environment too.

This device has power draw in an average of 136 watts. So, let’s say you are using your LED lights for like eighteen hours a day like it needed most of the time. Doing so with ViparSpectra 300W will cost you only like thirty cents for the whole day. I did some math after some calculations. And for the whole year it will be under $110! I used current US tariffs for electricity (like 0.13 cents per kWh).

Light Spectrum and Intensity

The Viparspectra 300W grow light provides your plants with full spectrum light, including some ultraviolet and infrared. Since humans can’t see these light wavelengths, the bulbs that produce them might appear dull to our eyes, but don’t worry, they still work fine.

Another important part of this grow light is its PAR value. This is the intensity of the light it emits, which is what enables it to penetrate the canopy and make sure all of your plants’ leaves are getting the light they need.

When the Viparspectra is positioned two feet about the canopy, it emits a PAR value of 300(µmol m-2s-1) in the centre, which decreases to 62(µmol m-2s-1) at the perimeter of an area of two square feet. As the light reaches further and further out its rays become less and less powerful, so it is important to the only plant within the area of two square feet if you want your plants to flourish.

Another issue with this LED, its spectrum range, well you got here covered totally. Anything from 440 nm to 730nm and all possible digits which usually comes with full range spectrum are located inside LED. 3000k and 7500k amounts are possible as well. So never mind that it’s entry level model in the market, you will not miss any ability bigger and more powerful models have. 730nm is Infrared light so you shouldn’t worry if it seems non-working to you, it is simply not that obvious to see and excess amount of it may hurt your plant.

Light power

LED’s inside – five 60 W very high-intensity Epileds / Bridgelux. Those 2 are very well known in the field of manufacturing emitting diode with liquid abilities. LEDs are done with an angle of ninety degrees, so they will point directly to your plant without any obstacles. Overall ViparSpectra very well known for their chips especially.

Lifespan and warranty and sizes

The manufacturer claims to have a life span of hundreds of thousands of hours.

Warranty somewhat like standard – three years from the manufacturer and 30 days money back from sources like Amazon.

Dimensions – 12.6” x 7.9″ x 3″ and weight of around six lbs.

Coverage area

What about coverage area? Also, everything is fine assuming its power and size. Since we are talking here about beginner home growers this LED is perfectly suitable for their needs. You can cover 2 square inches from 24″ and 1.5 square inches from 18″.

Usually, one plant will take line 1 square foot so with this ViparSpectra model you can be sure to make it grow two plants in a one-time frame. Best case would be 2×2 and it could be expanded to 3×3 with ease and right setup plan. However, my personal recommendation would be to buy additional ViparSpectra 300W for such a setup. Commonly people just go with one, it’s quite slim which means it can be a good fit for smallest grow tents. So basically, in such review, I tried to reconstruct most common real-life situation of usage of this LED grow light.

Light characteristics

How we measure the light output of some LED grow light device? There are things like PAR and lumen. But you should really remember there are tons of factors which directly and indirectly influence on this and yield of your plant and other adverse effects. This model is not that light full to the human eye, but in close contact, you should really have something like at least sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from negative effect, especially your retinas.

Moreover, there are even some special products like Horticulture eyeglasses (Ultraviolet ones), you can even use them along with your usual glasses and keep your eyes protected at the same time. The more meanings like PAR and lumen the stronger your LED device intensity. For those of you who still curious what is PAR, it’s a parabolic aluminized reflector, it gives a highly directional beam of light. For best growing, this model PAR should be 2 feet higher than a plant. That’s where hanging kit which comes with it will be in best of use.

I decide not using lumen and everything related there in this review, it’s quite a dangerous term to play with for human eye and your tests in the process, it’s more about light intensity for the human eye. Just remember once again do not stare directly at LED.

PAR is more about light coverage. We already talked about that earlier just added some science terms and how it all works within LED inside. Remember not overcrowding your plants, if you need more you will need more light as well;) Read about daisy-chain feature further below.

Let’s discover from experiments how many distances you should go from the plant on different growing stage with ViparSpectra 300W. If we are talking about seeding stage than from my experience and overall recommended meaning should be like twenty-six to thirty-two inches. When the plant becomes more mature and goes to vegetative stage your LED should be away from 20 to 26 inches. And finally, when it starts showing flowers you need to put it away on eighteen to twenty-four inches, i.e. closest possible from all above.


It’s very important aspect of indoor growing and growers expect something from manufacturers regarding that so let’s discover how it’s done in current model. With ViparSpectra 300W something is done, it has durable and high quality with aluminum heat sink cooling fan which have size around 5”. From what I’ve seen it’s far better than from competitors in that price range.

Let’s talk a bit about its PROs and CONs.

We’ll start listing PROs

It’s really energy efficient for its price and with comparison with nearest competitors. ViparSpectra usually wins here always. It has a very long-life span, at least manufacturer says so. The model is relatively new so there is no way to check out how true is this but let’s assume it is.

It creates very low indoor heat assuming it’s power consumption. If you are talking about special needs or simply good looks of your LED and sort of making an order you can make daisy-chain from this model. Seven pieces are maximum. Let’s talk more about this. As your plant grows you can make some chain of LED’s. When your yields grow you may want to add second or even third and more LED into so-called daisy-chain. It will increase overall yields grow as well as producing more plants. They have a very simple setup and plug in and give much more light output and making coverage is bigger. Three years warranty from ViparSpectra. Not one year, but three year from good recommended brand means something. From experience. Good solid lumens and PAR output characteristics. I haven’t mentioned it earlier where I talked about PAR, but it’s quite balanced for this model and exact three hundred uMol from 24 inches height and four hundred eighty-three from 18 inches. Very good coverage area. Very suitable device for beginners and mid-level growers.

Now also let’s list some CONs

It has only one Fan. Yes, I know it low energy consumer and do not heat itself much, but one fan is one fan. ViparSpectra could add just one more to be sure of all life situations and I think it will not increase price tag so much. However, it’s very cool and do not make any additional noise, probably some additional work was done by manufacturer to achieve such results.

No manual switcher for plan growing state lights like from blooming to vegetative and so on and on. All you must do is to move it on various places and distances. Probably cause its cheap model, but once again. However, if the manufacturer will add such switch, I would assume it will be here only for purpose of being and will not work either way;)

I also haven’t found anything regarding the waterproof ability or so, that’s why you need extra careful cause dripping water can be the case in indoor growing.

So, assuming turning invisible mode of the lightning switcher to ON and let it be let’s make some verdicts. Overall, I am very pleased with its price. I have not listed a full spectrum of lights, all 12 when I described the model for those who may need such info. Since we are writing here for newbies in cannabis growing let’s list all the basics tech stuff as well.

IR 730 nanometer

660 nanometers

630 nanometers

615 nanometers

595 nanometers

580 nanometers

475 nanometers

460 nanometers

445 nanometers

440 nanometers



I mainly use it for growing weeds and some organic soils. And I got higher yields with bigger plants really. So, all works like it should.

I use it for those since its main topic lately for LED’s. I have big success growing various fruits and vegetables with it as well. Let me list just a bit – strawberries, culinary herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers and will do more various pieces in near time and will share how it went. So far so good.

Assuming all this and its price it’s unbeatable choice, it will be hard task to find something to compare it with.

As well as 30 days money back and three years warranty from ViparSpectra makes this ViparSpectra 300W model reflector-series very easy buy for its audience.


The Viparspectra 300W LED grow light is a high quality and highly affordable grow light. It is perfect for those with a small grow space for one or two marijuana plants and would make a great first grow light for those just starting out. If you find that you want to then increase your grow space to make room for more plants, you always have the option of buying another light and daisy chaining them together. If you have a little more cash to spend, you could get the dimmable model (the Viparspectra DS300) which gives you the option of dimming or brightening your grow light instead of having to adjust its height.